On July 26, in the Gorky Park a jogging with our professional fighter, world champion and Belarus, Artiom Damkovsky took place in preparation for the Minsk half-marathon. Portal TUT.BY reported us about the sports training of the team.
Artiom Damkovsky starts the warm-up with the common exercises. The athlete adds original hand-to-hand combat elements, which develop coordination and simultaneously involve hands and feet.
– If bad stretch your pelvic muscles or shoulders, after 15 minutes of running you feel tingling and discomfort. In order to prevent the legs from becoming wooden, they must be warmed and blood needs to be dispersed.
He describes the fighters sports mode is in the intervals between competitions in theory.
– I practice many sports throughout the year- from running and swimming to CrossFit and wrestling. Everything depends on how soon you have to go out to fight. Sometimes a single fight falls for 12 months, and last year there were as many as four fights, which, of course, became stress for the body.
Damkovsky is sure: that all kinds of sports are good; the main thing is to approach to them competently and with mind.
– The guys like to run, and they gradually prepare themselves for a half marathon – they regularly train. I also begin actively run two months before the fight, – six times a week for 5-10 kilometers. Running develops endurance, and it is one of the main qualities that fighter must possess.
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