The capitals sports palace Uruchie will host a pankration tournament, timed to the day of the airborne troops, on July 29. The place of the competition in this case is symbolic, because Uruche is a well-known army arena with a history, in which pankration is also will fit.

Representatives of Belarusian national teams and clubs will attend the tournament, which will be held under the auspices of the Belarusian federation of pankration and martial arts and promotion New Fighting Generation. The competitions are scheduled in two age groups up to 18 and over 18 years, each of which will be divided into nine weight categories.

The tournament organizers aim is to increase the level of athletes skill, coaches and judges. Such competitions are one of the initial stages in the development of fighters, and one of the main goals of the New Fighting Generation promotion is just to give start to athletes involved in martial arts.

The tournament will begin at 10.00, when the preliminary fights start. The first final bouts are planned at 14.30.

Entrance to the competition for spectators will be free.