These days the World Games take place in Wroclaw, Poland. This tournament is to be held every four years, as the Olympics, but there are kinds of sport on it, competitions on which are not held at the main starts. Nevertheless, for some kinds of sport, the participation in the World Games has become a stepping-stone to the Olympics – for example, for triathlon, badminton, taekwondo.

Currently, the tournaments in 38 kind of sports (including beach handball, squash, muay thai, karate, sumo, billiards, powerlifting, American football, separate exercises from rhythmic gymnastics) take place, and the competitions will last for 10 days.

Fan-zone was organized in the center of Wroclaw, which was named The World Games Plaza. The concerts are held every evening in fan zone; in addition, visitors can get acquainted with new kinds of sport that are not represented in the program of competitions.

Pankration was among such species of sports. It is nice that the presentation of the combat took place with the participation of Belarusian athletes: Eugenia Linkevich the Champion of Europe 2017 and Valiantsin Siulzhin, multiple World Champion and Europe, and now a Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Federation of Pankration and Martial Arts, who are also participated in demonstration performances.